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Saturday, April 10, 2010


Today was the perfect day for a drive. Hubby and I headed off to Ottawa to run some errands and we took a detour to visit the new giant T&T store there. It's a big Asian food market. I had heard interviews with folks when it first opened and it sounded interesting. I know nothing of Asian food, beyond the stuff we get to eat occasionally when we go out. It was packed with people and fascinating to wander about. I picked up a few things just because they looked interesting. After all, what can you expect from a "winter melon moon cake?" Well you can try it for fun.

There were live fish swimming about and BBQ'd ducks and fruits I had never seen before. I passed on the dried squid tails.
Sometimes the packaging caught my eye or other people were buying something that looked intriguing. The "plums" shown here are actually bread stuffed with a nut mixture.
I was very excited to see the bubble tea tapioca and bought some cubed tapioca because it just looked fun. The Mango pastry was my favourite. The stack of little "rolls" on the right are the moon cakes.
So, I plated up a variety of things for us all to try. You would think much of this was sweet. Au contraire. Unusual tastes and textures compared to what we are used to. Fun. Sorry, no picture of the Honeydew bubble tea. That was gone before we got home! Next trip to Ottawa, we are having Dim Sum there.


Marcia said...

Really neat stuff, Jennifer. Thanks for posting. I am really interested in Asian snacks and candies.. the packaging and presentation is so amazing.

Ronna said...

That looks totally cool. I have to go there one of these days! I have a list of things I usually buy at Asian shops: dried wasabi peas, tamarind balls, toasted sesame seeds...and much more. Love what you found! Great pix.


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