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Monday, May 24, 2010

Yard Sale-ing Victoria Day Weekend

After bringing Aaron to market, I stopped at a yard sale on the way home. I passed by a number of them but wanted to go back out with Joshua later. We found a whole pile of Walter Foster painting books for a good deal, for Aaron.
As well we were able to get a number canvas boards some other boards, palettes and an old paint box. I also found a neat little tin lunch box.
The gentleman who's house had a sale was an avid photographer and had his own dark room.

Try as I might I have not been able to get this loaded in the upright position. Sorry. I picked up some old filters, coin holders, photos, glass feet and knobs etc. Not shown are tiny envelopes and aluminum slide holders. There is also a spool of old cotton covered wire.

An old box revealed an assortment of old Christmas ornaments and other goodies.

For only $1.75 you can design your own dream home, circa. 1945.
This needs a good cleaning off but it is a truly neat flour bin. Bulk flour indeed! It's three feet tall.
You can wrap your coins old school and impress your friends with easy "Social Entertainer Tricks," a bargain at only one penny originally.
These were one of the best finds for the day. A box full of old plaster letters ( there are little nails sticking out the back of each) and numbers for making signs. Too cool!! I will find some fresh board to stick them on the clean some of them up a bit and put some of them into the Milkhouse.


Debby said...

So many wonderful finds, love the little lunch box.

Very Mary said...


Heidi said...

Really cool stuff you found, interesting and unique! The letters are great!


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