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Monday, June 7, 2010

Saturday Finds

It was cold and rainy on Saturday but there were a few yard sales anyway. One in particular was full of fun finds. This lovely old graduation cap for starters.
This smart-looking hat too.
The folding ruler and number "5s" a Bingo game with wooden pieces and giant calipers are from the same place too.
The silk and leather fan and old letter box front are neat. I love the little box that says "Shand's Chalk Balls."
According to the ragged paper inside these "chalk balls are actually an economic and convenient face powder! Also useful if you get a grease spot on your shirt. It says they are perfumed but not anymore.
This was from another sale. It wasn't cheap but I was desperate to rescue it from it's nasty acidic matting. It's from Godey's Lady's Book, December 1861! Just beautiful.
It's been common to find old religious images lately. This is from Germany.
This Victorian lithograph is beautiful in person. The names of the Apostles are along the bottom of the tablecloth.

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