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Friday, July 23, 2010

A Perfect Day

Thursday was a perfect day. Cooler temps, gentle breezes, lots of energy to get things done.
I spent a number of happy hours puttering in the Milkhouse, rearranging things and adding new items. This is the final home of the bins. They are easier to get at and view the contents. There are two more bins to fill with goodies. I'm thinking vintage hankies and antique doll's clothes. Any other ideas?
This doll crib holds a number of vintage and antique pictures waiting for new homes.
Well, blogger has done it again. Flipped my picture. Anyway, the plaster sign letters are finally out there now.
A basket of wooden barbells sits alongside a basket of antique corner rosettes. Ooh, the mind is full of creative ideas.
Have a great weekend Everyone.

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