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Friday, August 27, 2010


As we go about our lives, here and there, we see lots of signs. Most are pretty much taken for granted and we don't give them much thought. Well, I have taken notice the more unusual ones. They make me smile. Someone was using their imagination. Or they have stood the test of time. This extra large vacuum for instance.
It sits outside this small shop in Brockville. If Marty couldn't fix everything, I think I might take my vacuum there.
Joshua snapped this sign on our way back from the museum recently. I love the name. Serious Cheese! I take my cheese choices very seriously. Do you?
This is the old Bell Canada sign. I much prefer it to the stark new one that just says "Bell." Don't know why we have to shorten everything so much. Perhaps if we used kept using full words we might take a moment to slow down a little.
This is a sign we see along roads (minus the small print) where the turtles like to cross to lay their eggs. This sign is near the provincial park in Brighton. There is one in Brockville and along the route Joshua takes to work. Unfortunately there is not one on the road that goes into town. Each year you see the results of that oversight/neglect. It's sad.
Here is another great sign on Bank Street in Ottawa. Good to have a handy photographer in the back seat when travelling. Lost Marbles is a place I would love to check out next time I am in the city. Check out their web site. What interesting signs have you seen lately?

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