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Monday, September 20, 2010

Sunset, Sunrise

I got a late start last Wednesday running my errands in Brockville. By the time we were about to head home, the sky had turned dark and sunset was upon us. It was only 7:15!
The cooler nights make for great sleeping conditions. A far cry from the heavy heat and humidity that made up much of our summer. With the sun rising you can see the mist off the pond. Beautiful.

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Paul said...

Beautiful pics, Jenn! I have thought that an interesting blog would include photos of the many spectacular sunrises that I have observed all over North America. And invite others to post their own pics. I'd think I would call it "A Thousand Sunrises." Denise on the other hand always watches the sun set on her driving shift. Maybe we could do a collaborative blog called "Sunrise, Sunset." I think I remember those were the lyrics of a "Fiddler on the Roof" song. Have a good autumn! p


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