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Friday, November 12, 2010

Collage Artists/The Beauty Of Decay

Quite some time ago I came across this book on Amazon.ca while just idly browsing college artists. I loved the sample pictures and put this on my wish list.
Don't you love those? You can add all the books you want and easily return and find them again without trying to remember what it was you liked.
Sorry, I digress. Anyhow, I finally got this a while back. At first I was shocked by its small size but realised it was a gallery publication relating to a show. (Now I know why Aaron always looks at the number of pages when choosing books.) Anyway, the words ans well as the pictures make it all worthwhile. You can see more online at Gail Rieke's web site. I love how she pulls together her objects to create almost surreal (sometimes) works of art. I also love her use of natural objects. She weaves stories together with disparate items and presents them often in drawers or other containers, forcing you to get involved and look inside. Her and her husband's home is very much a living gallery/studio.
This was another wonderful surprise. I had read of Rosamond Purcell before but until I got this book I could not truly appreciate what she does. As a photographer and collage artist she brings to light things we may not take the time to look closely at and draws out the beauty from things broken down, damaged, decaying and gone. I enjoy the words as much as the photos.

I've not done a good job here of properly describing these artists' work, but if you haven't before, check them out.
Have a great weekend Everyone!

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