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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Little Of This and A Little Of That

Aaron has been working on set painting for the upcoming Brockville Arts Centre production of White Christmas. There have been many trips to Brockville this past week. He is working in an industrial park. Pretty boring area you say? Not much to look at but gray buildings and big parking lots, lots of trucks...
Well, the funny things you find in the garbage, next to piles of discarded wooden palettes. This lovely little dresser was just sitting there. Unwanted. Joshua asked a fellow out on his break if we could have it and he said yes. It took a little work to get it in the back seat of the car but it is home now and ready for service. It is in good condition but for the top which needs a fresh coat of stain and a missing caster. Not bad at all.

Here is something to warm you up a little. It has been cold and wet and gray out here. I got this recipe from a very old issue of Early American Life magazine. I subscribed to it before I even got married! (That was a long time ago indeed!)
This is Apple Pandowdy. Originally created in a cast iron skillet and cooked over coals or a fire, it is basically sliced apples with a mixture of molasses or maple syrup and sugar and cinnamon poured over them, topped with biscuit mixture and baked 'til bubbly and golden. Eat it warm with a little whipped topping. Very filling and warms you right up.
It's been more than twenty years since I have made this. I wont wait another twenty to do it again.

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