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Monday, February 28, 2011

The Ottawa Ladies Return!

It's winter, in Canada. It's cold out. And it is even colder in the Milkhouse right now. That stone will grab hold of the cold when it's not heated (we haven't got to that yet). That makes it glorious in July and August when it is too hot outside to think, but come February the reverse is the case.

Well, hardy stock that we are, a little cold wont stop some serious shopping will it? Bundled up and, with a clear vision of what they are looking for, the Ottawa Ladies returned for a fun and laughter filled afternoon here. Wendy, Sheila, Renee and Olive came, shopped, warmed themselves with hot cocoa in front of a toasty fire and we all enjoyed lunch together.
Here, everyone is sifting through metal findings.
Wendy made the loveliest biscuits to go with my creamy cauliflower soup and we finished of with warm apple crisp.
Thank you, everyone, for a wonderful afternoon!


Wendy said...

Thank you Jennifer. I'm loving my finds from you. I've been enjoying the magazines so far but should get into the bag of lace and ribbon this week.

Beadwright said...

This sounds like such a fun day. Glad you had something to take away the cold.

Susan Williamson said...

I really should read your food posts earlier because now I want to eat and it's way past my bedtime.


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