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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

ATC Quarterly- All Good Things Come To An End

This is the sixth and final year of ATC Quarterly. I have enjoyed every issue from the beginning. Not just because Ronna is a dear friend, or because I have a little inkling of how much work goes into putting such a thing together, but because it brings the wonderful creativity and variety that is Artist Trading Cards together in one place- from all over the world. Only three more issues after this one. Don't miss the boat, climb on board and see what it is that we love about ATC Quarterly.
Way to go, Ronna!! Thank you for your passion to make it happen, year after year.

If you appreciate the Quebec-born delicacy, Poutine, check our Ronna's food blog, the Poutine Chronicles. If you aren't familiar with Poutine, then definitely check it out. It will make you long for those hot summer days and a chip truck on every corner.

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