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Monday, March 21, 2011

Day Tripping

It was a truly beautiful spring day yesterday. Marty and I decided we wanted to eat fish and chips for a treat. Not made at home, by me, not purchased at the local fish place, but the light crispy ones at Ye Olde English Fish and Chips. They are in Cornwall. So off we went.
I finally got a couple shots of the bridge to Ogdensburg as there was so little traffic on the road. It's normally rather busy right here. The water was still, the sky blue. What's not to love?

I spotted this fabulous old sign on a motel on our way into town. You never know what you will see when you take a different route! I wish they still made signs like this.
Have a great week.
Big Milkhouse Gallery announcement tomorrow!


anita said...

I took almost an identical pic of the Ogdensburg bridge yesterday! We went to Johnstown for a drive and back to Brockville for pizza.

Anonymous said...

I love that motel sign! Thanks for visiting my blog, nice to "meet" you :)

Ronna said...

Love the old sign. A keeper!!


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