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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dans La Toilette

While away, I was able to finally take a closer look at this new place we are to call home. I love the downstairs bathroom. It still has its original built-in medicine cabinet.
As with many bathrooms there is a window in it. Right in the shower. We have decided that when it is time to renovate this space the window must go. When the new window was put in the shower function was eliminated due to the eventual damage the water would cause. The woman who lived here loved her beads. There were beads hanging off everything.
~notice the wall of windows on the neighbour's house. No privacy in this washroom!
It must have taken a while to string up fifty-four long strands of beads to create this valance for the window.
I removed the beaded curtain and took the lovely cotton shower curtain and created a temporary proper curtain for the window. Privacy!
This a truly funky sink. Very short, even for me at 5'2"!
There is damage to the porcelain, in a number of places and we have another antique pedestal sink that we will replace this one with.

The lady had painted pretty much everything around the house pink .

This long board was laying across a little side table in the bathroom. Looked rather awkward and unstable. So I went to pick it up and boy was it heavy!
Turns out she painted a marble shelf pink too.
Coming up, more fun discoveries from the house.
Have a great weekend.

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