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Monday, May 2, 2011

A Royal Lunch

I'm pretty certain there are very few people out there who totally missed the royal wedding on Friday. As an early bird, it was very nice to watch it in "real time."

Miss Sharon came over for lunch on Sunday to further celebrate the special occasion. I made chicken salad sandwiches, orange scones and had a fruit salad of mandarin oranges and raspberries. And there was sparkling French lemonade to to toast with.

Sharon wrapped up the loveliest little gift with a commemorative tag. Inside was a fab chandelier crystal magnet of Big Ben and a British inspired note pad. I even pulled out my own wedding china and stemware. The butter dish even sported a heart motif. (sorry, this is a "replay" of our lunch- leftovers for dinner for me. We dug with into our lunch and I never did get photos! A blogger should know better, right?)
Later in the afternoon we met a lovely woman from Ottawa who came to the shoppe for some jars and left hours later with a carload of goodies.
Sharon spent some relaxing time under a blue sky poking though my basket of vintage and antique labels. Good friends and fun. Such a lovely way to end the weekend.
Thank you kind ladies for your enthusiasm, generosity, and good company!


Rosa said...

Jennifer, I love that you call Sharon 'Miss Sharon' also! Too cute and I heard you had an awesome day. I am so sorry I missed it but hopefully will be around soon for a visit!

Anonymous said...

It was a great day! Jennifer is the most gracious host! Lunch was amazing! It was warm enough to poke around the Milkhouse, but who could resist the beautiful spring day!
Thanks again Jennifer!


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