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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Just Sittin'

Odelia really thinks she is a lap dog. Funny how a dog that often runs into things and regularly bumps her head on stuff (she has a habit of wandering about with her eyes closed sometimes), hasn't realised she is larger than, well larger than Gumdrop anyway.
Here she is enjoying a movie with Jacob. She managed to maneuver herself onto the chair, turn around and "get comfy."
This is a "new" chair. Joshua and I had seen it at Goodwill for $14. It however looked as though some spilled food on it and then just gave it away. It was kinda gross looking. After we go home, Joshua thought it might make a good father's day gift for Marty- if we could get it clean. So off we went, back to Goodwill the next morning (half price day) to conquer the crowds, and sure enough it was still there. Only $7 now. We tucked it into the car and took it home. He spent an afternoon with upholstery cleaner and voila! Perfectly like new! It's a Lazy Boy too. It will be moving to the other house soon and will eventually end up in the "Man Cave"- the finished basement space. Marty was thrilled.
Happy Father's Day!

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