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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Some Days You Just Gotta Bake Brownies

Yesterday was another of those stinkin' hot and muggy days. We woke this morning to lovely cool, breezy weather and it was perfect for spending a little time in the kitchen.
I follow the blog Scissor Variations. The other day she posted a lovely picture of brownies she had made. She got the recipe from here, Always With butter. They are called Chocolate Chevre brownies. That's brownies with a goat cheese filling. Well, I didn't have any goat cheese but did have some cream cheese leftover from my cupcake adventures so I used that instead. I also added orange rind to the cream cheese filling mixture- got that idea from the frosting recipe which I didn't make (I'm not a frosting kind of girl.)
Well, brownies are not my first love and when I do make them, a couple squares satisfies the need for chocolate and I'm happy. THESE HOWEVER ARE FABULOUS!!! Do take the time to try some for yourself.

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