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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Thunderstorms And Dogs

Many years ago, our first dog, a very large German shepherd mix was terrified of storms. He could "hear" one in the next province and begin to drool and look for cover. It was a most distressing time for the poor thing. At one point he chewed the trim off a door trying to get into another room! Rosie and Gumdrop were/are never bothered by storms.

Odelia hasn't been bothered at all either, up until yesterday when the thunder kept rolling through at intervals for most of the day. It would be sunny and pleasant, then more thunder and rain, then sunny, etc. She didn't like being on the couch, with her beloved fuzzy blanket as it sits in front of a window. She must have thought Joshua had a safe spot. After all, his chair was far from any windows.
Chairs aren't really meant to accommodate more than one person at a time.

Getting a good foothold can be tricky.
You know how dogs like to turn about in circles before they lay down? Well, they do it on chairs/people too.

A little more adjusting.
And, whew, time to relax.
When the thunder seemed to have moved on, so did she.


Mitzi Curi said...

Oh, Jennifer, I can totally relate. My poor Cheswick barks incessantly during a thunderstorm. He thinks if he barks enough, the storm will stop. And he's right! It eventually does!

Lululiz said...

Our two ridgebacks aren't bothered at all by thunderstorms, thank goodness. Harry however, one of the dogs we had before, was terribly afraid of thunderstorms, and either hid under my DS's desk or a dark corner somewhere, shaking all over. Poor thing.
And I know all about dogs doing their turning on people, lol, I have the bruises to prove it!


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