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Monday, July 25, 2011


YAY! The weather has become more pleasant and for the moment the heat has moved on.

This week is my week of no demands, no expectations. I've enjoyed losing time on YouTube and catching up on everyone's blog activities. I've even found some inspiration here and there.
Saturday was still hot but I headed out to visit the folks at the Brockville Market and do a little junking. It was cool and breezy at the market. Above are some Goodwill finds. The funky purse is heading to the Milkhouse.

Besides the usual produce, fresh raspberries, yellow beans, Maple Sugar Cotton Candy (a once a year treat), an almond apple strudel, I picked up this wonderful piece created by a lady I met there last year. I do so love coral.

With all this time to myself I have been busy enjoying old movies and packaging up more antique buttons and beads and fabric and more to tuck into the Milkhouse.

I've got another project lined up but that post will have to wait for some progress shots.
Have a great week, Everyone.

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