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Friday, August 26, 2011

A Fun Little Etsy Purchase

I finally caved and got some Washi tape- Japanese masking tape. It's wonderful stuff to play with and makes sticking things down just a little more exciting. There are so many different designs to to choose from.
I also got a neat little envie template and some glorious glassene envelopes. These are a nice larger size.
I also wanted to see what all the buzz was over the Divine Twine so I tried out the sampler that was offered. There are wonderful colours to choose from. I like it but thought it might be a little heavier than it is, more like the cotton twine of old. These creative goodies are from here.


Rosa said...

I bought the same tapes and some envies but from a different vendor! I love washi tape but havent figured out if i like using it or just collecting :) Have fun!

Mitzi Curi said...

I love your creative goodies. I'll probably end up purchasing some myself....thanks for the link!

Wendy said...

OH how fun. I haven't tried Washi tape yet so let me know how you like it. And of course I want to see any new creations with it.


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