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Monday, August 8, 2011

A New Old Studio Work Table

A few weeks ago Marty, Joshua and I attended a local yard sale. I was thrilled with my little bundle of finds but the table the woman had things set up on caught my eye and I asked if it was for sale too. Well, it was currently loaded with stuff. She said she would think about it and when we went back the next day she said she would call when she had cleaned everything up. Well, I got that call on Saturday! I was so excited. So, off went Marty and Joshua to pick it up.

It doesn't look too special on top, just perfectly worn and used enough to be well suited to my work space.
However, the bottom of this table has folding legs with all sorts of interesting joints and pegs and pins. Sorry I don't have a shot of it set up, but it went straight to the other house with Marty. I look forward to putting it use.

1 comment:

Evlyn said...

The bottom of the table is amazing, like a work of sculpture. What a great find.


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