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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Some Saturday Finds

As per our usual habit on the weekend, I chose one yard sale check out and this one was great fun. Here are just a few finds. More pictures to edit later. The first thing I found was this old tin drum. Love the circus motif. It will look great tucked in with my Schoenhut circus collection! The large glass bottle is embossed on the bottom, Jordan City Wine, 1933. We aren't really "bottle" folk but this is the third large, unusual bottle this summer. I'm thinking funky lamp base. How about you?
In a box of buttons was this hank of the tiniest sew-on rhinestones ever. Love the old jewelry box too.
This is a fun assortment of old jewelry. The glass leaves on the necklace need a little cleaning and the early plastic/celulloid flowers are cool. My grandmother's name was Edith, hence my interest in the pin.
These leaves all have a small spike on the back. I originally thought they were paper but was excited to find they were tin. Oh, the creative potential!
Here is a little teaser of one of the other items I came home with. More later. I must go get ready for some very special guests arriving here this morning.
Have a great day, Everyone!

1 comment:

Evlyn said...

You always find the most amazing treasures. Love the old jewelry. And the tin drum looks like something from my childhood. Nice to see.


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