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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Leacock Tours Visits The Milkhouse Gallery

This is Mary Lou Leacock on the left and her good friend Gabby Morrison. Mary Lou and Gabby dropped by a few weeks go to see if I was open to having her tour group drop by today. Of course. Mary Lou has been organising tours for thirty-nine years. If you take part in ten tours you get a free one. How great is that?!
The buzz from those I chatted with was that Mary Lou puts together great tours!!
Well, this morning at 9:30AM the bus backed into the yard. Good thing we have all this space. There were thirty-nine people taking part! Plus the driver.
I couldn't actually get near the Milkhouse myself.
Folks enjoyed the apple cookies and fresh apple cider from Halls, in Brockville. Marty had some of his furniture in the workshop and the album of his work to share.
I found this old Heinz electric bean pot years ago at a yard sale. I paid fifty dollars for it, which is a huge amount of money for a yard sale find. It has however, more than paid for itself in its usefulness and fun it has provided to all who drop by.
Everyone loved Sue's wonderful quilted "Autumn" runner.
After some good visiting and looking around, they were off to the next stop on their "Mystery Tour" day- meaning those who had signed up for this tour, don't know where they are going. Each stop is a surprise. Lovely folk every one of them. What a nice way to start a busy weekend? Thank you Mary Lou for thinking of us.

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Rosa said...

Awe...so sweet! Looks like the group had a great time just as everyone does when they visit the milkhouse!


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