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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mail Call

Okay, this was not all ordered at once and some time has gone by since I began waiting for these items to show up. However, it seems that they all decided to show up together. How can you not like to get a bunch of mail- fun mail! The lovely postal lady even delivered these parcels to the house! Gotta love rural living. So, wanna know what was inside?
In the envelope were these metal stampings salvaged from Victorian postcards. The horse shoes are a good three inches long.
In the vintage candle box were over two hundred Niagara Falls postcards. What to do with so many postcards? How interesting can 200 postcards of one place be? Well,it's amazing how may different takes there can be on one place. And there are only a few duplicates in this pile. My plan is to transfer the images to cotton and make a shower curtain for the new house. Obviously we now have a theme going there. ;) Should be fun.
I found a lovely antique medicine cabinet for two dollars a while back and will fill it with the little bits of antique Niagara Falls souvenirs that I have found over the years.

The large box held a real find. A lovely china head in her original clothing with a fab cloth body with leather arms and boots. Can you see her funky red-striped ticking stockings? She was cheap as her shoulder plate is damaged, however her head is perfect. Her body wonderful, clothes original...

Her crocheted bonnet has old silk tobacco ribbons.

And her hair has a surprise- a molded ribbon through it.
Hope you are having a good week.

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