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Friday, September 2, 2011

Six More Weeks For The Milkhouse Gallery

As September has arrived it is time for me to start thinking about the task of packing up everything in the Milkhouse to prepare for our move to the other house.
As the Milkhouse is not heated, I have to get the job of packing done before it gets really cold.

So, whether you are a local follower, a lurker, or just passing by, do take the time to drop by for some wonderful deals and your last opportunity to enjoy the Milkhouse experience. All the old/antique stuff is half price and the items brought in specifically from special wholesalers will be the same great prices and eventually listed on Etsy and Gabry Road to sell on-line.

Drop me a note or call to make sure I'm in that day.
Six weeks to go.

It's been fun meeting new people and such gifted artists from across Canada. I wish it could continue but with everything in life, things are always changing. Having a brick(stone) & mortar shoppe, setting it up, and finding unique items to add to it has been fun. I don't think a born collector ever really stops collecting so you never know what will turn up on-line for sale. ;)

This post will remain on the top of the blog until the end of Thanksgiving weekend so to read more recent posts just scroll down.
Thank you for all your support and encouragement over the last few years.

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