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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Summery Thanksgiving Weekend & Milkhouse Closing Date

With all the drizzle and cold over the last week I am thrilled to find that the sunshine and warmer temps have not yet left us completely. Looks like a grand Thanksgiving weekend sits before us!
Lots to do before Joshua returns home along with one of Marty's brothers and his family.
Are you doing anything special for Thanksgiving, fellow Canadian bloggers? We normally head to Perth for the weekend, taking in the Autumn Studio tour and stay at the cottage. This year the Turducken will be on the table and there will be lots of folks to share it with.
Enjoy your day.
~in the photo, only a few chinchilla tubs left at the shoppe. The painted one I did with dear friend Sue, who had a workshop, so many years ago. Milkhouse officially closes October 16.

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