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Monday, December 12, 2011

Life With Dogs

I wish I had exciting news or fun pictures of cool artful creations but life is mostly routine right now. The days are full however and the dogs keep reminding us to stop and change gears regularly.
We had a staring contest the other day. They, sitting stock still, waiting for us to come play ball, us standing stock still waiting to see when they would make the first move. This went on for a few minutes. Then we got cold.
Lots of running ensued.
Lots of tug-of-war too.
When it's time to come in, Odelia enjoys her couch time. She is often quite taken by what is going on on the television. Here she is watching a PBS show on service dogs. She loves the show "Nature" too.
When the animals get big on the screen, she often flies at the TV, checking out who has just entered her "territory." Tag wagging and barking away her welcome,....
it's a short-lived moment and hard to capture with the camera. However, this is the third time we have watched this show and I knew what to "plan" for this time.
Hope you have a good week, Everyone.


Kathrin Remund said...

I love the pictures!!! Odie is such a friendly dog person :-)

Jenny said...

Odie is such a character, so silly and fun. Even playing, Gumdrop has a certain dignity. Not so much with Odie...


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