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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Odelia's Christmas

I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas. It was a nice relaxing couple of days here and very special to have the boys all here at the same time too.

Odelia is a great hostess. She was very busy all weekend, involved in every detail of preparing for a great weekend. Here she models the fun poster Aaron gave Joshua- two thousand smiles.

She was super excited to have Jacob around and was especially thrilled when Jacob's friend came by to play too. Jacob gives the best ear massages!

If you wont sit on the couch with her, she will happily come to wherever you are, even though the couch is much more comfortable.

She worked hard herding all the paper into a pile, and then proceeded to tear it into tiny pieces. Good fun really, until someone catches you eating those pieces!

They usually get a little treat at Christmas so I thought it was good time to have a carrot. Gumdrop took hers to a quiet, private place to savour. Odelia gobbled hers up and promptly threw up on the floor, carrots, paper and her breakfast. After we cleaned up that mess, we resumed our activities. She seemed quite happy too.
Time for football?
Here she and Marty are sharing a moment.

At the end of a long and exciting day, all you can do is pile in and cuddle.

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