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Saturday, January 14, 2012

First Winter Storm Of 2012

We had freezing rain all day Thursday and woke to snow Friday morning. The power went out at 10AM.

The view from my studio window.

This is gumdrop's kind of weather. She isn't bothered at all by the cold temps and just loves it outside. Odelia, not at all.

It snowed into the evening. The power finally came on at 6PM.
The morning after. Some branch damage, but nothing too serious.
Hope you have a good weekend.


Jenny said...

Looks like you got it worse than we did. Glad your power came back on. Everything looks very pretty though, especially when the sun came out.

Evlyn said...

Beautiful pics of the snow, both as it is coming down and afterward. I found the storm difficult because I couldn't drive home on Friday, but it was gorgeous after the sun came out. Glad your power is back on and not much damage to your trees.


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