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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The New Old, or The Old New

Saturday morning found Marty digging out near the barn so we could get the trailer out. Good thing that tractor hasn't sold yet. Apparently we still need it.
We headed out to pick up a used upright freezer. I had a chest freezer for more than 20 years however I had grown very tired of not being able to reach the bottom of it (if you are short, like me, you know exactly what I mean) and was determined to "upgrade" to an upright.
So, a year ago I handed off my old freezer to someone who needed one and figured we would get the replacement as soon as the house sold. Well, we all know that hasn't happened yet and the freezer part of my fridge is not good for much more than a weeks worth of food at a time. Made for some very creative meal prep and that was a fine challenge, for a while.
Well, Kijiji to the rescue, again, and after watching for a while and one false lead, we now have a lovely, fifteen year old upright freezer in immaculate condition. There's not much in it right now, but it wont take long to fill it up.
They really don't make them like this anymore.


Rosa Yorke said...

Totally agree! I'd love an upright freezer too! Lucky you!

Ronna said...

My mother feared chest freezers and wouldn't have one in the house. She was so sure someone would fall in and the lid would close. That being said, I have her upright freezer from 20 yrs ago and LOVE it!


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