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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Little Puppet show

These characters are Pelham Puppets from England. Likely dating from the 1960s they represent a fun assortment. I found these all minus their strings but they did still have their wooden control handles.
"Perky" the pig was a yard sale find last summer. Thankfully he was intact and gave me some clues as to how to re-assemble the other puppets. I also did a lot of on-line sleuthing to get it right.
The baby dragon has a much larger and more articulated mother. This little guy is cute and was easy to re-string.
Perky and an un-named horse. He's missing a leg however he still can strut his stuff.
I think these are a hoot! They are fuzzy caterpillars. They are articulated and covered in lambswool. Their little rubber antennae have rotted away but I think the right sized black tubing and some red wooden beads will make fine replacements.


Ronna said...

I used to have some of those...not sure what happened to them. Very cute. Love the caterpillars. So fuzzy for marionettes!

Jenny said...

The puppets are so much fun. I can't decide which one I like the best, they're all so special. What a great kids show they would make.

Evlyn said...

What wonderful puppets. They are so colourful. They would bring out the kid in anyone.


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