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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Old Friends

Odelia knew something was up today. The flannel blanket that normally covers the couch was all folded up and tucked away. She insisted on pulling out the fuzzy blanket, no matter how often it got folded up. Game of ball anyone?

I was most fortunate to "find" a dear friend from grade school. I wont say how many years ago that was but here we are on my 16th birthday. Catherine is on the left. I moved away in grade eleven and as often happens we lost touch over the years.

We've been catching up since before Christmas. Today she came to visit.

Well, soup and biscuits were made. The house tidied up- always nice to have a good excuse to tidy up. Old friends are the best!
Dessert was prepared. We enjoyed lunch and Odelia even got some couch time in with her new best friend. Good thing she is a dog person!
I was surprised and honoured to receive a copy of each of her books. They are wonderful!! Catherine Austen writes for young adults. This book for younger readers is all about a cat named Isis, as well as her namesake. A delightful read and I really enjoyed the paper collage illustrations.
I also finished "26 Tips for surviving Grade6." It was great fun and brought back all kinds of memories from my own time in grade school. Lots of giggles too.
I'm a few chapters into "Walking Backwards" and am really enjoying that too. I'm sure her target readers really enjoy her writing as well.

"26 Tips..." has great line drawings just crying out for me to add a little colour. I just might....

Her book, "All Good Children" looks like a great read as well. If you want to know more check out her web site, here.
Here is Odelia all tuckered out. Playing hostess can be exhausting! However, if you want to play ball, she's ready.

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