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Friday, March 2, 2012

Four Pounds Of Fun, Paper Fun

Good Friday Everyone. March is here and with its arrival came a bunch of snow. Winter is not over yet! I can't complain as it has been a very easy season this year.

The mail brought a wonderful box full of assorted ephemera recently. I was surprised and happy with the great variety of vintage and antique goodness. The Valentines are wonderful. One has glass beads and two others are 3D type cards. The one on the left of the little boy sitting on a chair is a mechanical card, his eyes move back and forth as though he is reading. Cute, and a little creepy too.
There were a few scrap book pages. It is always interesting to see what someone thought was worth cutting and pasting. The tiger reminds me of Calvin and Hobbs. It's nice to see Snow White before Disney got a hold of it too.
There was a whole bunch of playing cards but they are all blank on their back so I guess they were samples.
More antique packaging. Love those butter wrappers.
Scrap book items.
Two lovely framed pieces and a few old children's books, not shown.
In addition to the great stuff above there were dozens of photos. They deserve a post of their own. Until next time...
Have a great weekend.

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