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Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Trip To Goodwill

It's been a few weeks since I took a little time to check out Goodwill. Well, it was a good visit!
I found these two wonderful antique souvenir bracelets. One is for Paris, the other for Holland.
I thought this was a candle holder but the opening in her head is oval so my second guess is a bud vase. It was likely part of a funky fifties TV lamp ensemble. Gotta love that green glaze.
I found these four turned legs. They were priced separately. Good thing all four were still there! I have a few ideas for them.

These would make great bathroom art as they wouldn't be affected by moisture.

The two plaques above were pretty cool but this was the find of the day. A genuine Sid Dickens piece. This is called "Trans." According to the web site this tile was retired in 2004. The description states that "A concerto invitation. Centuries ago inscribed on a Venetian wall." You can check out the web site here. Now how cool is that?!


Ronna said...

I'd never heard of Sid Dickens before so went to your link. The day hasn't been wasted...I've learned something new. Thanks!

anita said...

Hee hee. I held those two verse plaques in my hands and turned them over and over. I asked myself, "Self..do you really need these or will someone else enjoy them more?" Self said, "Leave them." Glad you are enjoying them :)


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