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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Weather Bomb

The on-line weather network stated we were in for a weather bomb on Saturday. The weather network also states :

Weather Bomb

Weather bombs are the most severe of all winter storms. They are characterized as intense low-pressure systems with a central pressure that falls 24 millibars or more in a 24-hour period.

When a low-pressure system develops over the Atlantic, just off the Carolina coast, it gathers moisture from relatively warm ocean water. If the jet stream is far enough south it brings cold air that combines with the warmer air from the Gulf Stream. A Weather bomb is then created.

Weather bombs are known for dumping heavy amounts of rain and snow, producing hurricane-force winds, and creating high surfs that cause severe beach erosion and coastal flooding.

Okay, we didn't have any floods or hurricanes as far as I know but it was super windy, all day long!!!

The sky was full of clouds whizzing past.
The sky was every-changing. Okay it is always "ever-changing" however Saturday it was more so.
Marty and I were in town and head down to the St. Lawrence River. Normally, the water is pretty still, maybe a few little waves on a windy day. This was amazing.
I got back in the car just as the water crested the wall.
We only lost one branch off a tree so there wasn't any severe damage to our property which was very nice!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow!! The pictures are awesome. I hope the weather gets nicer up there. :) We thought it was windy around here, but its more of a warm breeze. :)

- Nichole


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