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Monday, March 26, 2012

You Know It's Spring When...

You know spring is finally here when the buds begin to open.
You also know it's spring when the starlings (see comment from Ronna) find their way back into the wood stove. We get one or two every year. That first week without wood heat seems to call to the silly creatures looking to build nests.
I'm getting really good at catching them and setting free outside. This little guy flew off like a rocket and didn't pause 'til it was but a speck in the sky!


Ronna said...

Jen, your chimney visitor was a starling, not a grackle. Grack's are bigger and darker. This guy is a starling in spring/breeding plumage I believe.
Good for you for being able to nab them and take 'em outside without too much flapping. We once had a DUCK in our chimney!!

Jennifer Pearson Vanier said...

Thanks Ronna. I put a towel in front of the wood stove and then coax the bird forward with the fireplace poker. The bird flies into the towel, I gently gather up the towel and set it free outside. They are much harder to catch if they fly out and into the house! A duck?!! Wow.

Kim Henkel said...

I am loving your spring pictures....especially since we are still up to our eyeballs in snow. I am glad the starling was fine. I think they are such pretty birds, with their lovely speckles. Enjoy your spring, ours will be here...just not for a while yet.


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