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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Goodwill Hunting: Thrift-Style

My recent trip to Goodwill net a few fun finds. Two most useful and the other purely lovely.
The trim above seems to be cotton. A nice change from the usual synthetic stuff you come across. I rather like the neutral putty colour too.
A bag of rubber stamps. Nice and cheap!
This sweet young couple stole my heart. Indeed the lovely young lady had lost her head but was professionally reattached with a tiny dowel. It's a wonderful vase. All hand painted. Most likely German.
Look at the great detail on the young man's pants!
Who doesn't like applied flowers?
They fit perfectly with a gorgeous jug I found many years ago that had the base blown right off and re-glued, and my collection of Victorian friendship mugs.

This weekend we visited our first yard sale of the season, in the pouring rain. I will report back on that shortly.
I hope you all had a pleasant weekend too.

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