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Friday, May 18, 2012


Inside one of the old books I brought home from the Merrickville town-wide yard sale recently I found a surprising piece of ephemera.

A tax receipt from 1897 for the 1896 taxes. Thirteen dollars and eighty-six cents. I looked it up on-line and $14 dollars from 1897 today would be worth $387.78.
I follow a fun blog called "Forgotten Bookmarks" where a Bookseller posts items found inside old books. What have you found in a book lately?


anita said...

Jennifer, I am looking for a copy of a school book by Marjorie Holmes published late 1940s called, "Pirates and Pathfinders." I would pay up to $20 dollars if you found one in good condition. It is a Grade 6 or 7 history book, red cover, black silouettes. If you ever find one, let me know, or if you have any leads.

Mitzi said...

Hi Jen,

That's a cool bit of paper, and an interesting "factoid" to go with it!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I love gifts for the Universe like this. Thanks for sharing!


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