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Friday, June 22, 2012

Little Nests

Some years are "better" than others for finding bird's nests fallen from our trees. Usually after a big wind something will find itself on the ground. Not this year. Our trees and their current resident birds have held firm this spring in spite of some very windy days.
Until recently. Then all in a week we found these three little treasures.
From a distance they don't look like anything more than a tuft of dry grass lying in the yard. The guys are good at spotting these wee things while cutting the grass and are good to stop and check before mowing over them.

It's always fun to see what materials find their way into a nest. Here you can see that some bird has found Odelia's fur an acceptable material.
This shallow nest fell out of the White Pine tree. My guess is that its inhabitants don't spend much time in it. No room for even the smallest brood.
Good old robins. Their nests are easy to spot with their mud bases. This one fell from the big Oak in the yard.

1 comment:

Jenny said...

It's amazing how the birds can make such sturdy structures out of sticks, or grass, and how they know to make a smooth, soft interior. I think Odie's fur was a good addition to the nest.


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