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Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Little Yard Sale Fun

This is an assortment of items found recently. Nothing was too dear either.
I love the old glass flower beads. And that orange! It certainly would have made a statement years ago. Still looks good, even today.
Does this remind you of anything familiar? If you said the Red Rose Tea figures by Wade, that's what I thought too. It is about three times the size though. No markings and just a number on the back. I really like the glaze and how it pooled in the deeper places.
More swans. Not sure what the appeal is but they are lovely. The little copper lustre jug is actually broken and held together inside with electrical tape. I'm sure I can find the right adhesive to fix it up right.
Besides the worn red paint on the ribbon this sweetie is in great condition. I wonder why the ribbon was painted afterward and not fired like the rest of the piece. Perhaps such a deep red was hard to achieve back then. Who wouldn't like kittens in a basket?
These great socks and little antique doll shoe were an on-line purchase. With the cost of antique doll shoes, one good shoe on a doll is better than none.
These were from a yard sale a couple weeks ago. They are Limoges from France and were just too lovely to leave behind. One serving bowl and two plates. Stunning.
I don't go to yard sales much anymore. I certainly do not need anything, although it is fun to go poking about and see what treasures you can unearth. Only one per weekend, if that, so I choose very carefully.
So, what fun things have you found lately?


anita said...

I love the little kitties in the basket. I think of you sometimes if I am at yard sales. You have such varied tastes, I never know what you will post next. Have a great day.

Lucy Ladham-Dyment said...

Red was very hard to put on. When fired it would zing (spark) around the kiln. So, they put it on afterwards. That is why it comes off - so easily. I do not know what the dif. is nowadays, but you do not find much - all red stuff. But what you do find - is a glaze now... so they must have found some way of doing it.

Jennifer Pearson Vanier said...

Thanks Lucy. That is most interesting! I had no idea but it makes sense.


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