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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer Has Officially Begun

Well, school is out and the heat is on. Summer is officially here.
Any big plans or trips to look forward to? During these hot months I like to hunker down and stay put. I keep lemonade always at the ready in the fridge and enjoy fresh fruits and veggies from the market. Light, simple meals and quiet weekends. That' summer.
I spent a few days in Brighton again last week. Did some tidying up and worked away at stripping the last wall with wallpaper on it. I hoped to get it all done however this wallpaper had been painted over, a number of times, so the task hasn't gone too quickly.
Home again and with lots to keep me busy here too.
I had all but forgotten about the long weekend before us. Canada Day! This is when Marty puts up new flags on our poles each year.
I hope you are looking forward to a wonderful summer. Any special plans?

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