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Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Little Summer Colour

We seem to have missed much of the good wet rain that has been visited upon far Eastern Ontario and the Ottawa area. The thunder rumbles as it passes by but leaves very little if anything in its wake. My perennials however don't seem to mind. The red bee balm is a shock above the greens of my Hosta garden.

Tall yellow daisies smile in front of the pale background of the workshop.

Wild raspberries for the birds.
It's another hot day today.

1 comment:

Evlyn said...

I have been worried about the dryness this year. Everwhere I look, whether in Ottawa or at my home in Lefaivre, the grass is very brown and the trees are stressed. There has been no real rain, only a few short-lasting showers. But your place still looks so lovely and green.


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