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Friday, August 3, 2012

Bath Day

It's been so very hot and dusty outside with so little rain this summer I figured it was time to give the dogs a refreshing bath. Odelia does NOT like having a bath. It is just such an unfortunate experience for her and afterward she tosses herself about the house, against the walls, onto the floor, against furniture, etc. trying to get the water off. That means bath day includes floor washing and wall vacuuming- she leaves a lot of fur behind.
Air drying works as they stay cool in these hot temps. Afterward, it is time for another good brushing. Outside it looks like we've been shaving animals! The birds and critters like the fur though, so bath day benefits all manner of creature.

As I have mentioned before, Gumdrop, on the other hand, really enjoys her baths.
Stay cool and have a great long weekend.

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