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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Les Chapeaux, Are you A Hat Person?

My mom sent home some vintage hats recently. Thirty-one to be exact! I have been going through them, having fun trying them on. Most are wool felt, some straw and a few fur hats. all are from the 60s and are such classic styles, they work even today.
This one is from an Anglican church, so says the label inside. I've had this one for years.
Tucked in a box was this feathered beauty. I love the colours on this!!! I've been brainstorming on how to make use of this in an assemblage as it is on the smaller side.
A couple weeks ago I came across a box of hat-making stuff. mostly what I would call blanks, waiting to be "dressed up."
There were even instructions with these. just photocopied stuff but interesting.

There was even this odd Balsa form, small in size but obviously for something hat-related.

1 comment:

Mya.L said...

Wow! You know I am (a hat person)! Any possibility to get more pictures of the hats and 'stuff to make hats' please?


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