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Sunday, September 23, 2012


                It has been a lovely weekend.  Quiet, with not too many things on the "must do" list.

I was in the Milkhouse poking around and decided to bring in the small glass case and put it to personal use.
It fit perfectly on the cabinet at the back door and I filled it with many of the nests gathered around the property over the years.  I think it is a lovely little "cabinet of curiosities."

This begins a series of blog posts of my own "cabinets of curiosities" around the house.  As a lifelong collector of little bits and pieces the challenge is always where to put things or how best to display something.  I don't much like to labour over such trifles so keeping things visible but safe and mostly dust-free is the way to go.  Finding creative ways to display something special is part of the fun.  I find groupings of similar items are more interesting than having a single item sitting on its own, unless it has some substance to it.

With the cooler weather and shorter days upon us, it is when we put the garden to bed and turn our efforts inside, creating a warm little nest for our families during the winter months.  How do you like to display your precious bits and pieces?

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