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Friday, September 14, 2012

Re-Used & Re-Purposed

Sometimes, do you find that you bought something just for the packaging? Remember the days when winter holidays brought along fun things like tins celebrating your favourite cracker or cookie? I still have some of those tins, from Premium Saltine crackers and Quaker Oats? You got crackers and a tin to use later. How cool is that?
The jars above were like that. They are such a neat tidy shape and size. I covered the labels and they are now filled with beads and other studio bits.

I really liked this "corner" spice rack and knew just where it might fit in the studio. A little cleaning of the jars, some sanding of the wood, some painting, and it has a new life.

A perfect spot to keep little buttons and beads tucked away and visible at the same time.

I have had this 36 inch long tool box for a long time and have given thought to all the different things I could do with it. I toyed with the idea of painting it but, honestly, I prefer the warmth of natural wood.

For now it corrals all my packaged embellishments. Again, tucked away but visible and easy to access.
What have you re-purposed lately?

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