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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Autumn Estate Sale

 Yesterday the weather was cold and bright and there was an estate sale out in the country.  Good timing for a little adventure.
There was a lot of neat stuff to look at and I found some goodies to bring home.  There are six of these cast iron tassels.  I did find a photo on Flickr of some similar ones; they were part of an exterior railing treatment.  These are almost eight inches tall.

 This vintage light fixture will be perfect in the other house.

 It was nice to find a tin of buttons to sort through.  You never know what you will find.

 Some wooden pieces and a rubber stamp holder.  I love the old brush!

 The wedding cake topper is dated July 1938 on the bottom.  The bird is carved from horn.  The fork handles are bone and there are two pairs of drawer pulls.  The brass lock escutcheon is very nice.

 A few bits of metal including a caliper that measures the width of your wood and a plaque from a casket or cemetery plot.

 I already had a mug just like this one that said "Dad" so it was natural to pick this one up too.  I really liked the old hard plastic cow.

 At nineteen inches tall this is the largest old book I have seen.  I thought it was a ledger initially, but inside it is filled with blank, blue pages.

                             Someone has used it as a scrapbook for clippings from the war.

 This lovely Coke ad is dated 1904.  You can clip the coupon at the bottom for a free glass of Coca- Cola at your local fountain.

 There are the most fascinating remnants of what was once in this scrapbook and they all date to the mid-1800s.  I sure wish I could have seen more of those!

                                        This little workhorse in in great condition.
It's an early carpet sweeper.  Even the decals are in great condition.  There is a label on the bottom bit it is now illegible.  It still works too!  No electricity required.

I also found these two small pairs of antlers.  They were on little wooden crests and surrounded by acrylic plush.  I like them better 'au naturel.'
I picked some containers of small hardware, hooks, and picture hanging stuff.  It is always best to grab those things second hand.


Jenny said...

How unusual - tassels on a railing. Coke was very expensive at 5c way back then. Only bought for a treat for sure. Lovely poster. The horn bird is very handsome.

Grace Pringle said...

Did you buy all those things or just some of them? I love the carved bird and cake-topper. Do you sell some of the antiques you collect?

Mya.L said...

Oh, those diamanté stars!

Mitzi said...

Why yes, you did find some lovely things! That Coca-Cola ad is really special, and I'd love sorting through that pile of buttons! The sweeper is very handsome, too!


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