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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Upper Canada Village

 This is the final week of the regular season for Upper Canada Village, in Morrisburg Ontario.  As you can see by all the pumpkins, they are setting up for October's special events.  They are all set up to light up at night.  I'm sure it will make for quite the stunning display.

Students carved four thousand of these foam pumpkins for the village's upcoming events.

            There are pumpkins EVERYWHERE!  Like these three owls sitting on a branch in a tree.

                       Naturally this pumpkin patch's pumpkins are all carved with vegetable motifs.

 These are carved to look like lanterns.  I must state here also that none of these are "real" pumpkins.  They are all some kind of Styrofoam that is carved as you would a real pumpkin.  Obviously real pumpkins would begin to rot and attract all manner of insect by the end of October, so I guess these are the logical choice.  I think I have said "pumpkin" enough now.

                    There was a wonderful show of sweet peas in front of one of the village homes.

                                                     The bakery was in full swing.

                                   The afternoon light made for some lovely vignettes.

 This really interesting mirror with the lovely reverse painting has real acorns stuck along the top of it.
             We happened upon the cheese factory just in time to watch them cutting the curd.

 My favourite spot is the print shop.  At this point they were putting all the type back into the drawers after printing the Gazette.

 Inn another home there was a beautiful loom all set up for weaving and here are samples of wool and what they were coloured with.

 Each building has a costumed interpreter to answer questions and tell you all about the house they occupy and how things were done there.
 One the next road we met a woman putting the edging on a hand made quilt.  They make one quilt each season.

                       Here is the community woodworker showing us how the lathe works.

Here is Aaron with a bottle of pumpkin pie soda.  It tasted just like a pumpkin candle smells.  It was interesting and not unpleasant.

Well, that was our day today.  Lots of fun, perfect weather and just a short drive from home.  If you are ever in eastern Ontario, Upper Canada Village is a great place to spend the day.


Mya.L said...

That looks like such a cool place to visit. Love the pumpkins, especially the owl ones!

Sherry said...

I haven't been there since I was in grade 8! That last photo is spectacular!


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