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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Lovely Old Paper And A High Diver

 I got a lovely package in the mail the other day filled with Victorian goodness.  The above scraps are fairly large at five inches or more each.

This is an old poster for daredevil diver, "Harry Six," for the season of 1909-10.  He dives off a 110 foot ladder into a tank eight feet by 10 feet and 3 feet deep.  And, if that isn't enough excitement he does it blind-folded and uses 350 "electric" lights to set off the whole scene "just so."  I thought it would look great tucked in behind my antique circus toys.
I took a look on-line and found a couple photos of Harry and this description: "high diver Harry Six of BryanOhio on July 41908JHarry Six (1881-1948)known as "Dare Devil Sixmade his first dive when he was sixteen years old at the Williams County Fairdiving off a 110-foot ladder into a tank of water. He set a world record in 1901 for diving 136 feet off of the I.CRailroad Bridge in CairoIllinois and won the world championship for shallow water diving in 1915when he jumped 104 feet into a 3'3pool of waterSix was forced to retire in 1917 due to blindness caused by diving."  This info. came from here.

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