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Friday, December 21, 2012

A Little Mystery

 I recently received this little box of fashion plates.  It is obviously old, my guess is sometime in the 1800's. It is only 3 inches by four inches.

                    Inside are four little folios each representing a different different period of time.

                         There is no information to give a clue as to when this was made.

                      Each little plate is hand coloured.  I have never seen such a thing before.

1 comment:

Mya.L said...

OH my god!!! Are you going to sell it on your etsy or keep it for you? Seeing the style of the illustrations (the women's faces), the black outlines, the way it's coloured and the fonts, it could be 1910-20s. Anyway, whichever period it was published, it is delightful!


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