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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Who Doesn't Love to Get Cards In The Mail?

 Christmas cards through the post, old school!  Always fun to get mail, especially if it isn't a bill, or junk or something you have to pay for.  This box arrived recently, full  of wonderful Christmas card from the 1930's and '40's. Many in their original envelopes.  What fun!

 There was quite the variety.  From a flocked snowman to heavily embossed cards from the early 1900's. The wee little card on the right was actually sent through the post.  You could never mail anything so small today!

     This one has real mother of pearl detail an embossed envelope too! The postmark says 1919.
 I guess Scottie dogs were all the rage in the 30's as there are many cards with Scotties on them.

              There were even two very official-looking greeting cards. One from a the governor of Connecticut and the other from someone who eventually became a Senator.

 I thought the little card here had been tucked into some kind of folder however it is actually part of it, the clear plastic creating the feeling of a clear cold sky.

      It even has a proper name: on the back it says "Christmas Crystals."  Yup, cards are the best kind of mail to get!

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