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Friday, January 25, 2013

It's Hard Work Being Beautiful!

 With the recent repainting of the laundry room after hubby fixed my washing machine, I had to take everything off the walls.  In addition to vintage and antique laundry items I have two old wooden medicine cabinets filled with fun old cosmetic items for men and women.  These little collections started so many years ago when I was about twelve.

 Here are two bottles of glitter to help make that outing all the more special: "Shoe Make-Up" and "Hair Sparkles."  I'm thinking you had better be sure you want to glue glitter to your shoes.  However a couple good shots of hair spray and then glitter and more hair spray will give you an itchy, sparkly head of hair.

 My mom sold Avon for a while in the 70's and these are a few of the really cool lip balm containers and a little snowman perfume bottle I have held onto all these years.

 How about some bath alts in little milk bottles.  They even come in their own wire basket.

                          You know I love little boxes.  This one is particularly sweet.

                                               Inside, some dime store fragrance.

 Compacts come in all manner of shapes and sizes and materials. some of these have seen a great deal of use.  However, it wasn't too long ago that you had a compact for a really long time and simply refilled it when necessary.  It was a stylish accessory.

 The small blue Evening in Paris bottle was my first purchase when I was twelve down on Princess St in Kingston in some little antiques store.  I recall there were a great number of fancy perfume bottles obviously collected for a long time by someone.  I chose the plain blue one.  I liked the colour and simple shape.  The other items were found together more recently.

                                   These were an estate find.  Love the futuristic design.

 Cuticle pencils and something called "kiss-proof" eyebrow pencil.  I didn't think kissing would require you to be concerned about what your eyebrows were doing!

 Old brass lipstick containers.  Again, another refillable item;  and the tiniest little razor I have ever seen!

                                       Lovely little bottles of scent and powder.

 I found this at a yard sale and was so excited it pick it up and it felt as though the item was still inside.

                                                    Nope, just some dominoes.

 Stockings were expensive and not treated as disposable items either so you always had to have your "Run-R-Stop" with you in it's modest little container.

And don't forget to have your fashionable sunglasses handy.  These are small  "Ginny" doll sunglasses.

So, here it is all put back together again. Never the same way twice but it was fun re-visiting all these fun items found over many years and recalling where I was and who I was with back then.


anita said...

Very cool. I once owned a powder container and puff from the 1920s. Brass with a peacock. I lost it in one of our moves...

Sherry said...

Just stumbled in here and loved looking at all these finds. I remember my mother having a cutex nail polish remover bottle like that. These are the kinds of things I love to look at when I go to the antique malls...so glad I was able to have a look down memory lane!


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